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For A Food Waste Free EASTER!

This Easter Shop smarter and eat better to help fight food waste Food waste is a crisis for Australians, who throw away a shocking 3.1 million tonnes of edible food each year.  Australia is the fourth worst in the world when it came to food waste, with an average of 298 kilograms of food per person thrown out each year, according to the 2019 Rabobank food Waste report. The main culprit behind household food waste is food going off before it can be finished, with 75 per cent of those polled falling victim to this, the report found. Nearly half...

Food waste is bad for our planet

Did you know that the average Australian sends more than one tonne of waste to landfill each year, the average Swedish household sends around three kilograms. Waste is Australia’s most rapidly increasing environmental and economic metrics. Waste is an environmental issue as well as a resource issue and as Australia approaches 2050 and a population of 40 million, resources will be more valuable than ever. Poor Infrastructure in landfills and recycling has led to the crisis landfill crisis. There are over 2,000 landfill sites with only 137 are able to convert the methane gas produced in the landfill. Methane Gas...

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