Managing food waste is a big deal

What you choose to do makes a difference

Now – more than ever –

People all over the globe are concerned about the environment. While there’s no single solution for managing and getting rid of the world’s waste, even the simple things we do may have an important impact on the environment – like using an insinkeratorInSinkErator® food waste disposer to keep food waste out of landfills. That may help reduce methane emissions by decomposing food waste. Rotting food also contributes to leachate, an acidic liquid residue that can seep into and contaminate groundwater.

Food waste put down disposals may become renewable energy.

In Australia, the food waste sent down the waste pipes to the sewerage this flows to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, where it can be processed along with other organic solids. Capable treatment plants can capture the biogas and use it as renewable energy. The organic matter also contributes to the production of biosolids which are used for land regeneration.