our planet is worth fighting for

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our planet is worth fighting for

The Australian Government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year and over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill, enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. One in five shopping bags end up in the bin, which equals to $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year. 35% of the average household bin is food waste and it is a major source of greenhouse gases, most notably Methane.

Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per head of population in the world.

Photo of landfill
Infographic of gases leaving the planet

So what role does an InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer play in this environmental story?

Simply, it helps protect the planet by keeping food out of landfill. Why is this good?

  1. Methane from decomposing food scraps is captured through the disposer and existing plumbing infrastructure and therefore not released into the atmosphere. Methane is 21 times more dangerous than Carbon Dioxide and is a known contributor to CLIMATE CHANGE
  2. Decomposing food can cause leachate – contaminating ground water
  3. The food scraps ground by a disposer are sent via the existing sewerage system to a Waste Water Treatment Plant (Wwtp) for processing. At appropriate Wwtp’s, an Anaerobic Digester captures the biogas methane from the broken-down food scraps. This gas is then pressurised and used to generate on-site power and heat. Some plants forward surplus electricity into the grid. Food scraps into renewable energy this is a real win for the planet.

So, what does an InSinkErator food waste disposer mean to everyday Australians? No matter who you are we are all united by the hassle of managing food waste.

A construction worker that needs to remember to buy bin liners.

The time poor professional that must fit another chore into an already busy day.

A young couple living in an apartment that must undertake the long hall and many stairs to the bin collection area.

The famer that can’t feed meat and dairy to the chickens to dispose of.

A suburban family with an over flowing bin waiting for bin day.

A composter who can’t add dairy, meat and bones to their compose site.

Managing food waste is a pain point to each of us. The smell, the inconvenience, changes to local rubbish collection, possible cost implications as we as a nation grapple with waste management at a macro level. A food waste disposer connects to the kitchen sink and disposes of all food scraps within seconds. It is quick, convenient and importantly keeps food waste out of landfill.

InSinkErator food waste disposers get rid of food scraps instantly and has been keeping food waste out of landfill since 1938.
Learn more about InSinkErator food waste disposers and get the facts here.

How can you make a difference?... Stop sending food waste to landfill, install a food waste disposer and become a Food Waste Warrior today.

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